Saturday, September 18, 2010

Neal Ford and the Fanatics: "Shame On You" (Hickory)

This one ranks as one of my all-time favorites and with its sinister vocals could also qualify as a cool Halloween spin. I also love the swirling organ that burns throughout the piece. From what I've been able to gather, "Shame on You" was supposed to be the plug side, when somebody flipped it over and played the B-side "Gonna Be My Girl" and that became a regional hit in some areas. Some people think that's the better side, but I disagree strongly. "Shame on You" is the real killer with a lot of punk 'n' roll attitude and that's the side we're featuring here, whether you like it or not. DEATH TO POPSTERS!!!!


Todd Lucas said...

One of the best records I've found all year. Found my copy in a little thrift store in California.

Anonymous said...

Love the vocals on this.

Shame about the sound quality.

Any download site with better sound quality?