Saturday, September 18, 2010

Some Recent Acquisitions

Hello everyone, and hope you're having a good warm day. It's time for yet another list that you're so used to (or tired of) seeing on this blog. So far it's been a year of not much collecting for me as I've been spending a good portion of the year searching for work. Much like the rest of America. But the record collecting bug has not died with me, not by a long shot. So, here's a little list of some records I've been accumulating the past several months. This, as always, is for your entertainment only, and you never know, some of these things may be posted as entries on the blog. But for now, here we go:

The Countdowns: Do It/Done (Anderson....smokin' instros from Anderson, IN)
Senor Soul: It's Your Thing (Whizz....instro funk version of the Isley Brothers classic...I think these guys contained members of what would become War)
B.J. Baker: Anywhere (Decca....kind of Northern soul like, from the TV series "Ir0nside")
The Traces: Runaround Sue (Laurie...really cool hard soul version of Dion's hit)
The Famous Ward Singers: Got On My Travelin'Shoes (Savoy....killer gospel with lots of high shriekin'!)
Nancy Butts: Let Me Be Free (Flaming Arrow....good soul with lots of organ)
Guys and Dolls: Chinatown (Karol...good funk, but seems a little racist to me)
Fantastic Epics: Fun and Funk Pts. 2 and 3 (Torries....really great funk instro...but fades out at a killer fuzz solo!)
Ted Taylor: Honey Lou (Ronn.....great funky soul, another great side of his on Ronn)
Don Gardner and Dee Dee Ford: Don't You Worry (Fire...great, along the lines of "I Need Your Lovin'")
Sunny and the Sunliners: Hip Huggin' Mini (RPR...great Texas soul)
Sunny and the Sunliners: No One Else Will Do (Tear Drop....great Tex-Mex farfisa-flavored garage soul)
Screamin' Jay Hawkins: The Whammy/Strange (Roulette....another wacky one from the screamin' master.)
Bobby Fuller Four: Never To Be Forgotten ( of the greats from Mr. Fuller)
The Nite Hawks: Chicken Grabber/Big Top (Del Fi.....two great instro rockers)
Yusef Lateef: Bishop School/Raymond Winchester (Atlantic...two hot pieces of instro funk/jazz)
J.J. Barnes: Chains of Love (Groovesville...great soul dance floor filler)
Flower Island: Everybody's Excited (Scepter....great fuzz/psych instro)
Fleetwood Mac: Stop Messin' Round (Epic...very early Fleetwook Mac)
The Jades: Gotta Find Me Somebody To Love (Imperial...good soul mover)
Little Janice: Mirror Mind/Not Til Him (Pzazz....good sister funk)
Don Covay: Sweet Pea (Don't Love Nobody But Herself )(Atlantic...good soul mover from Covay)
Streak: Bang Bang Bullet/Black Jack Man (Deram)(Great glam rock a la Sweet)
The Rappers: Krunchberry Beast (Roach....great funk instro)
Mike St. Shaw and The Neon: Great Balls of Fire (Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On) (Atco....great mover a la Mitch Ryder with lots of killer fuzz guitar)
The Last Word: Runnin' and Hidin' (Atco...great fuzz guitar soul garage mover)
Wilson Foster: We Wanna Work Pts. 1 and 2 (Excel....pretty cool soul stomper)
The Brotherhood: Are You A Turtle (Yes I Am) (Dial.....great soul dancer)
The Carter Br0s.: Do The Watusi (Coleman....great crude soul dancer)
Lula Reed: You Gotta Have That Green (Federal....killer r & b)
Simtec and Wylie: Gotta Get Over The Hump (Mr. Chard.....great funk)
The Safety Patrol: Lovin' Time (Colossal....very good bubblegum)
Arnett Cobb: Flying High Mambo ( r&b mambo instro)
Otis and Carla: Ooh Carla Ooh Otis (Atco....pretty much what you'd expect from this pairing)
The Soul Children: Tighten Up My Thing (Stax...typical record from them)
The Village Sound: Hey Jack (Don't Hijack My Plane)(Hip...reminds me of the Grass Roots)
Jimmie and Vella: Well (Imperial...pretty cool soul duet, really starts screamin' toward the end of the song, has okay soul version of "Nights In White Satin" on the flip)

And that's that.


Todd Lucas said...

Nice, I like the short descriptions.

Todd Lucas said...

By the way, wish I could track down a copy of the Bobby Fuller record.

Brian Marshall said...

The Bobby Fuller record is a pretty hard one to track down, but with your always good luck, Todd, I'm sure you'll stumble across one.

bg said...

Hey Brian and Todd,

My name is Bennett Wilson and I work for Q Division Records in Somerville, Massachusetts. We put out the first Eli "Paperboy" Reed record. Based on posts like this one on your blog, "Itsgreatshakes", I thought you might in interested in our Q-Dee Rock and Soul series. We are releasing a series of singles in digital and 7" vinyl formats. It's not all classic soul, but it is all "old-school" in the sense that we took a well-rehearsed live band into a classic studio and recorded it quickly using vintage mics. The end result is pretty special.

Would either of you be interested in listening to the records? If so, I can email the links and some more information.

Hope to hear from you soon! Thanks for your time!


Bennett Wilson
Label Assistant
Q Division Records/ Q-Dee Records