Sunday, October 03, 2010

The Brotherhood: "Are You A Turtle (Yes I Am)"(Dial)

Here's yet another dance sensation sweepin' the nation....well, it should have swept the nation, but you know how these things go. As it stands, another group of unknown forces have left behind another smokin' soul stomper that should've filled dance floors, but hey, it's still here for us to enjoy in the 21st century. I don't know anything about this group and couldn't find anything on them, so just forget about all that and savor this record for what it is: a red-hot shit-kickin' soul extravaganza! That's right, I dig it. If you have any moxie about you, then you oughta, too.


J. C. said...

Oh man you don't know what you stumbled into. This was the theme song of the unofficial US Space Program's Turtle Club, of which astronaut Wally Shirra was president, and for whom all members in response to the question "Are you a turtle t...oday" *must* answer "You bet your sweet ass I am". Wally embarrassed astronauts routinely by asking them this question when they were out in space, sometimes with the world listening, and since the astronauts couldn't say "ass" on international TV telecasts, their responses were given on back-up communications channels. You can bet the other astronauts asked him that question during his flights, timed to maximize it's potential embarrassment. But this is the first time I heard this song! Thank you thank you thank you!!!

Holly said...

So THAT's what the George Goebel song of the same name is about!!!
Not that the explanation makes it any less surreal.

Sometimes the internet really is amazing. Thank you Brian & J.C.

Anonymous said...

The vocalist on this "Turtle" track is an old friend of mine. We played in different roadhouse r&b bands way back when, then cut a few tunes together under the name of 'Sweet Slice of Life' in the early 70's. 'The Brotherhood' was his group from the late 60's that was based in the southeast.

billy said...

wrong everybody. We formed The Brotherhood from a six piece group called the What-Knots, consisting of Billy Wilfong, sax and vocal, Don Gregory, guitar and lead vocal, Benny Thayer keyboard and lead vocal, Tom Dowdy, base, Donald Capone drummer. We added 2 front men and 2 horns and change to a 10 pc. show band. The group broke up July, 1969.