Sunday, October 03, 2010

Sunny and the Sunliners - "No One Else Will Do" (Tear Drop)

This one is easily one of my favorite finds of the year! I heard it featured on another blog (one of Westex's, I believe) and fell immediately in love with its soulful garage sound complete with a swirling Farfisa organ. I knew I had to have one, too, and, as par for the course, when the opportunity to sieze one popped up, I jumped on it. It has made many visits to my turntable ever since. This song is so great, it's got the power to have you up and jumping. This group had a Top 20 hit in Billboard in 1963 with "Talk To Me" and I believe its leader, Sunny Ozuna, is still active. Whatever the case, this one is one to be savored.

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