Saturday, October 02, 2010

The Four Sounds - Mama Ubangi Bangi

Here's a record that I picked up at July record show in St. Louis. Sure enough, just about that time, the excellent Rock & Roll Ichiban blog posted it. It's a huge favorite though, so, if you missed it over there or would just like to hear it again, I decided to give it a go over here. What we have here is just a great jungle-esque r&b 45. Indeed, it would be right at home in the Jungle Exotica series. I may have checked to see if it was a part of that but I've already forgotten what I found out. One of my favorites of this year.


Anonymous said...

This is a great track. It's included on a vinyl comp called:
"Blowin' Through Yokohama! - 16 hot skillet muck muck r&b blasts!" They cleaned up the track and it plays a little bit slower. The comp has lots of other wild numbers including the title track by The Medallions, and 2 tracks by "Yochanan" (Sun Ra alter ego)- "Hot Skillet Mama" and "Muck Muck".

Anonymous said...

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