Saturday, October 02, 2010

The Nite Hawks: "Chicken Grabber"/"Big Top" (Del Fi)

Another day, another two-sider. I'm not 100% certain, but I believe this is from 1959. I do know that the top side, "Chicken Grabber," was featured in the 1997 "restored" version of John Waters' "Pink Flamingos." It's a wild and slightly demented instrumental with crazy cackles and a growling vocal going "Here chick, chick, chick, yeah." You flip it over and another wild raver awaits you with "Big Top." Both sides of this thing are smokin' hot and well worth your ears and that's all I have to say about it. Well, not quite, as I will mention that I've seen copies of this go as high as $150, so here are both sides so you can see what you're missing.


Al S. said...

Hello, I'd like to buy a copy of this 45, even one in poor condition, and am having difficulty finding it. Outside of eBay, and, do you have any ideas? Thank you!

Brian Marshall said...

I got mine from Dick Blackburn, a collector who puts out monthly lists. I think Todd found his at the St. Louis record show for a couple of bucks. I've seen it go as high as $150. I'd still like to get a better copy as my copy has a bad splotch on the "Big Top" side. All I can say is that it's out there. You may need to see if Goldmine is still around to look up dealer lists.

Al S said...

Thank you, Brian. I contacted Dick but he didn't have it at the moment. I have the recordings on a couple of compilation CDs featuring Del Fi songs so I have "clean" versions. (Let me know if you want the names of the CDs.)

I do have the Nite Hawks' other 45 released on the Pacific label featuring "Bunny Ride" and "Sweetie Lester."

Not sure if you know that the Nite Hawks are probably the biggest name to come out of the Del Fi label. This is the group that became better known as the Crusaders (or Jazz Crusaders). Obviously, a very different sound. The 45 you posted is the only recording by the Crusaders I do not own, hence my original post.

Thanks for your help!

Todd Lucas said...

I think my copy of this pre-dates my move to so. Illinois. Probably came from an Indy record show.

Al S said...

Found it on eBay and it was in surprisingly good shape for a 50+ year old record! Thanks again.

BTW, Nesbert Hooper, Jr., the writer of Chicken Grabber and Big Top, is better known as Stix Hooper. I suggest you check out