Sunday, April 10, 2011

Round Robin: Gonna Tear The House Down Parts 1 and 2 (Shot)

Here's one from a guy better known for doing a series of "Slauson" singles, particularly "Do The Slauson," which was a minor hit He's also better known for a very hard-to-find record (and one on my list) called "I'm The Wolfman. He also cut a 45 for Capitol called "The Vulture." He was an LA-based R&B artist who was a local favorite. A couple of his other sides are "Kick That Little Foot Sally Ann" and "The Roundest of Them All." This is a Round Robin side from the Shot label and it does kick a lot of booty. Both parts are presented here for your enjoyment.


Holly said...

Nice - thank you!

Anonymous said...

Nice one. He went on to record an LP for Stax's Truth label in 1974. W.

dediscosymonstruos said...

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Todd Lucas said...

Jorge, love your blog. It's added to the blog roll.


Anonymous said...

Great R&B !