Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Sidekicks - Not Now

Great Beatles cop here. As it turns out, it wasn't just a one off. The Sidekicks were previously the Redcoats. Although the Redcoats didn't release material in their time, a more recent CD issue shows they had the Beatle bug all along. I'd recommend tracking it down, from 2001 on Dionysus. Meanwhile, the Sidekicks released an album in 1967. I haven't heard all of it but I can't imagine this isn't the best thing on there. "Not Now" is also the b-side flip to their version of "Fifi The Flea", originally by the Hollies. Stick to this side.


Z j A k said...

Hi Brian and Todd
Your blog is for months on my blogroll ><
You might check and maybe enjoy the music shared here and there (
If it is so , I'll be glad and honored to be present on your blogroll too. Never too much visibility, isn't it?
Respectfuly, 'Z j A k' Pierre

Todd Lucas said...

Pierre, I'm listening to your supermix right now. Great stuff, your blog is added.

Z j A k said...

Many thanks Todd and Brian, great shakers, let the good music rolls ! Friendly , Pierre.

plasticsun said...

Pretty cool song -thanks for posting

Anonymous said...

SF band Irony Butterfly just released 7" B-side cover of Not Now.