Friday, August 11, 2006

Randy and The Holidays - "Paul Revere 250"

Here's a record that I've wanted to blog since I started It's Great Shakes, "Paul Revere 250" by Randy and The Holidays. I got this disc several years ago at a record show in Indianapolis. It was unplayed, along with a few other things that I picked up that day.

"Paul Revere 250" is an upbeat garage rocker from 1967. It opens with a few shots on the drums and then the fuzz guitar kicks in! The song is about a sports car race at Daytona that still exists today. Randy and The Holidays name check Barracudas, Mustangs, Cougars and other hot cars of the day. The main feature though is that cool fuzz guitar that keeps it up until the song crosses the finish line in two minutes flat. What a great garage meets hot rod tune!

The flipside, "Living Doll" isn't too bad either. It's also a fast mover, with a nice hook and employs quite a bit of organ. There's also some harmonica during the intro and right at the end. The drumming is excellent, with a lot of nice fills and cymbal splashes. It's worth turning the record over for.

Overall, you get a fun two-sider here. From the looks of it, a copy can be had for about $10 without too much trouble. If you at all enjoy 60's garage or a good car tune, you'll get your money's worth.


scott said...

I knew Randy Little and the Holidays. They were a Lounge act in Atlanta in the 60's&70's.They would book into a hotel lounge and usually stay there for some years. I drank a many a beer listening to those guy's. Randy's real name was Ralph Lipham. They were a 3 piece with Ralph on vocals and bass,Billy Golden on key's, and I can't remeber the drummers name. I would love to have one of those records. It's good to know their music is still out there. Ralph passed away some years back from cancer, not sure about the other 2 guy's . Enjoyed your website, thanks
Scott Gillham

Anonymous said...

The drummer's name back then was Johnny Duncan. Last I knew, he and Bill were both still around.

Their last long-time job was at Sam's Place at the Century Inn in Riverdale, GA.


Anonymous said...

Johnny Duncan is working at Lowe's, in the electrical department in McDonough,Ga

Anonymous said...

Those three together could sing anything that the BeeGEEs could!.. They opened the Bottoms Up across from the Fox Theatre around Christmas 1968 and the trio worked there until 1975 ? . They even looked like the BeeGees. We did not appreciate them enough in those days !! thanks Randy,Bil,and JohnnyD !! You had to be there to just see what it was like !!

the nail,,,

Anonymous said...

Where can I get a copy of that record?

Hjones said...

My dad is Frank Acree, who's last name appears with Randy's on this record. He played keys with Randy Little in the 60's. He also appeared with Randy's band in the 60's movie "Speed Lovers". Does anyone remember Frank Acree? He lives in Ga.

Anonymous said...

I remember Frank Acree. My mother Gina Hill used to sing with him in the Frank Acree Trio. I can't quite remember all of the places they sang at (I was about 7-10 years old then), but they were pretty popular in Atlanta. As few as 6 months ago she asked about Frank Acree. My mother also sang with Johnny Duncan, Randy Lipham and Bill Golden (Gina Hill with "The Holidays") at the time. Sadly, Mom passed away on 11/20/14. Bonnie Duncan Brown posted on youtube a recording of Mom with The Holidays singing (Help Me Make It Through the Night) that I just discovered today! I am hoping to be able to find other recordings and possibly find out about the other band members. Oh yeah, she also used to sign with Dan Wall Trio.

Unknown said...

Yes, we remember Frank Acree,,,

yes, we remember Gina Hill. Stoney Clark (owner of Kittens Korner) (Bottoms UP) promoted Gina every chance he got ! Randy and the Holidays played at the Bottoms Up for several years. Gina Sang with them alot !

Sorry to hear that Gina is not with us anymore! She was a Sweet Heat !

the nail

Unknown said...

I used to fill in for Randy & The Holidays when they took a vacation. (Some of the venues and clubs would give house bands a week's vacation and pay in those days.) My fill in band for them in the 1960s was The Night Shadows and Starfoxx in the 1970s. Randy knew I would never try to snake the gig from him like many other bands would do given the opportunity.

Anonymous said...

Randy and holidays were fabulous.
After the century inn changed the name to Ramada inn ATL airport they were a fixture there in the early 90s.