Monday, August 15, 2005

Darrell McCall - (What'll I Do) Call The Zoo

Here's a little fun to start the week. Darrell McCall is a traditional country & western artist held in high enough regard to rate a sprawling five CD box set via Bear Family. He managed to record a rocker or two early in his career, like today's selection from 1961. And let's just say that I'm happy he did. "(What'll I Do) Call The Zoo" rates with me.

The song opens with a drumbeat, followed by some rock and roll guitar. Then, McCall starts vocalizing thusly,

"Well a mean ol' gorilla knockin' at my door
A big alligator crawlin' 'round on my floor
A-peekin' in my window is a big baboon
He was out celebratin' with an ol' raccoon
Oh me, golly gee, what'll I do, call the zoo!"

It continues with two more verses chock full of animal references. Stylistically, it's not too dissimilar from Bobby Darin's "Splish Splash" but is more rockin' and even has a cool guitar break.

"Call The Zoo" was written by Benny Joy, who made a few great records in his own right. It doesn't look as though he recorded this one himself but The A-Bones released a version on their excellent 1996 album Crash The Party, a platter full of Benny Joy tunes. It's recommended, as well as Darrell McCall's claim to rock and roll fame.

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