Sunday, August 14, 2005

The Dovells: Betty In Bermudas/Dance The Froog (Parkway P-882)

In the realm of early 60s dance records, some of the liveliest ever made had to have come from The Dovells. Look at their track record: "The Bristol Stomp," "Do The New Continental," "Huly Guly Baby," "You Can't Sit Down" and this one, which immediately followed their smash vocalization of Phil Upchurch's previously instrumental mover.

In fact, "Betty In Bermudas" has the exact same feel that "YCSD" does: ultra-frantic beat, out-of-control organ, wild, over-the-top vocals, the works. Like similar sound-alike follow-ups from other artists, it didn't fare as well as its predecessor, only getting to #50. But that doesn't make it any less boss. Okay, it's about a hot chick in shorts that drives the guys nutzo. Now shut up and do the froog.

Funny I should mention that, as the B-side implies you to do that particular. And once again, The Dovells and their back-up band go at it at 100 m.p.h. and dare you not to get caught up in the hurricane of dance fever that's headed your way! In fact, I prefer this side over the hit because it's even more frantic. Either way, though, you get two great sides of early 60s full-throttle dance rock 'n' roll.

If I may make an observation, the Dovells' label-mate Chubby Checker (I think they even shared the same management, but don't quote me on that) may have had the bigger success with all his twist records, but to me he always seems seems to sound a bit restrained on his recordings, while The Dovells were much wilder. Am I the only one who thinks so? Am I wrong? What do you think? Or do you?

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Stuart Shea said...

Oh, Len Barry and the Dovells were far better than Chubby Checker. No question. I always saw Checker as dance music for squares.