Saturday, August 13, 2005

Poother, Unltd.: Tastee Freeze (Not Going To Wait Any Longer) (Cadet 5653)

YEEOWZA!!!Man, today I had some major flea market luck! In addition to the World of Milan 45 (see below), I also found this in the same pile for a whopping 50 cents! And what a bigger shock to find that this is a really heavy psych MONSTER!!!!! And it's jam-packed with FUZZ, FUZZ, FUZZ, FUZZ, FUZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!And that fuzz is laid on so thick that it can crush your skull!

Okay, okay, maybe I am hyping this up a bit too much. But what I say about the fuzz being loud is true! But why is this song named "Tastee Freeze?" Well, maybe it has to do with these lyrics:

I'm beggin' on my knees
for you to come and take my hand
You're gettin' hard to please
Now you've got another ice cream man.

The thing kicks off with a machine-gun rat-a-tat-tat drum solo and then the beat is accentuated by pounding, heavy organ and ooh, that wonderful, grinding fuzz! The intensity of the fuzz attack does not let go for 2:06 minutes!

I don't know a thing about this group. All I know is that I picked this up, thinking it was some kind of soul record. After all, Cadet, a Chess subsidiary, was better known for releasing groups like The Dells, The Radiants, Ray Bryant, Brother Jack McDuff and The Ramsey Lewis Trio among others.

But then, Cadet also made forays into the rock field, releasing records by The Wildweeds, The Rustix, The Lot, Tommy T's Federal Reserve, The Rotary Connection and The Happy Return (hear the blistering "To Give You Lovin'," which came out roughly about this time). So, once again, you can't judge a book by its cover. But you can definitely be thankful when that flea market luck swoops over you. I will definitely be calling this one one of the finds of the year and do my best not to wear out my copy by then.

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