Friday, October 08, 2010

Streak - "Bang Bang Bullet"/"Black Jack Man" (Deram)

This two-sider is something I got turned onto recently, having won it off eBay. The copy I have is a U.S. issue, but I believe this is a British band. The Purepop blogsite says two members would later go onto a group called The Arrows. Or is it the other way around? No matter because both of these sides are real gut-punchin' rock 'n' roll that can be compared to The New York Dolls and Alice Cooper. If these guys are British, then they can also be compared with their fellow glam-mates Sweet and Gary Glitter. "Bang Bang Bullet" gets a slight edge over its B-side, but they're both really good, so they're both presented here. Fair enough?


Anonymous said...

They're from the States. New York,if my memory serves... Jake Falsworthy (g),Ben Bryan (b), & Paul Varley (dr) They had an earlier 7" on A&M.

iban said...

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Anonymous said...

Very good group.Thanks! Alex

Anonymous said...

Hi Brian, I'm reviving both of my blogs as private. I'll send invites to both you and Todd when they're ready to be seen in the light of day again. Marie (Catch That Train and Bless My Bones)

heraultcatman said...

Streak were a short-lived four-piece band in London, led by Rick Sharpe, who is now located on the south coast of England, and is still playing.

Check his website for a full musical and biographical history:

He has CDs available, and samples to listen to, as well as charitable works to sponsor.

And I agree - they were a good group.

Anonymous said...

They went on to form 'the Arrows'

Our school class were in the audience at the Granada TV studios at Quay street in Manchester in 1976 where the Arrows were recording a pop show featuring themselves, the Bay City Rollers (remember them?) and...oh god help us...the 'Wurzels'(if you can call them 'pop')

I was 12.

Strange but true.